Two souls collide in the desert and impact one another in unexpected ways.

About this Project:

Set in the desert landscape of America, Argo is synonymous with loneliness, desperation, and the unconscious longing for human connection.

The film tells the story of Becca [Jordana Spiro], a dispossessed soul, who is on the road to nowhere. A chance encounter with Cal [Marcus Chait] and these two strangers travel together to a roadside motel for reasons neither of them understands. On a fateful journey, this is a collision course that will change their lives as they discover, hope can be found in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected people.

Writer/Director’s Jordan Bayne and Michael Knowles collaborate on a story that explores the struggles of being human, a story of hope and survival in a world bent on crushing the human spirit.

Written and Directed by Jordan Bayne and Michael Knowles.

“Inspiring…Blown away…felt like we had been hit by a bus.”
Patrick Schweiss, Sedona Film Festival

“Argo feels like visual poetry.”
Daniele Ferraro, Hot In Hollywood

ON THE ROAD :The road started with the idea of the Orpheus myth, the passionate artist who rescues the wounded woman, and of the classic descent of Orpheus into Hell. The story I wanted to explore was then the descent to the depths of the soul of the individual in order to discover the mystery of his existence. The journey of self awareness.The story soon began to take shape as two dispossessed souls who collide in the desert. At the same time I was thinking a lot about the idea that the world seems bent on crushing the human spirit and the inescapable-ness of the human condition. This formed the emotional kernel of the story for me.

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