Interview with Jordan Bayne on editing her first feature film “Triple Threat”

Some of you may already know Jordan from her short film “The Sea Is All I Know”, if not, it’s our pleasure to introduce you. We are grateful to call her our collaborator. She’s a multi-hyphenate just like us.

What attracted you to Triple Threat as an editor?

A chance to work with Stacey and Margarita. Two people I admire. As well as, the opportunity to edit my first feature, and on a project that was not entirely my own vision but to have the experience of working towards someone else’s vision.

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Jordan Bayne on IG Live discussing editing her first feature film

Two of the most versatile and accomplished multi-hyphenate NYC artists working today, Stacey Maltin and Jordan Bayne come together to discuss their most ambitious project together to date, Maltin’s first feature, “Triple Threat”.

Stacey is the recipient of numerous acting and directing awards. Jordan has been in consideration for an Academy Award, her work a Vimeo Staff Pick. They have the receipts!

Have a listen to their IG live as they discuss editing Stacey’s musical dramedy “Triple Threat”.

Jordan Bayne has joined the cast of Besties Make Movies’ “Appetite”

Jordan has joined the cast of Besties Make Movies’ “Appetite” and will portray Ruby, the wife of hedge fund CEO Jack.
The story follows Jack [Jeffrey Weber], an aging hedge fund CEO, who hesitantly acquiesces when Ruby [Bayne], his wife of 25 years, suggests they check out an open love party. Thrust into a new world, he is surprised to uncover the intimacy he actually desires.

Stacey Maltin (“Triple Threat”) will direct from a script by Margarita Zhitnikova. Jackie Schwartz and Eden Martinez will produce for Besties Make Movies. Jeffrey Weber Executive Producing.



A lot of pride and joy after an incredible premiere and successful two week run in Madrid, This film took a small army to make — Massive thanks to our fearless director, David Sousa Moreau, and my incredible acting partners, Fele Martinez, Gorka Otxoa, Leo Rivera, Hovik Keuchkerian, Juan Pablo Shuk and Cecilia Freire, who poured so much love into this film, as well as our distributor Festival Films and the entire ReEvolution team who made this ambitious film possible. Very excited to get our little Spanish indie out into the entire world and to share the extraordinary hard work that our cast and crew put into it.

Synopsis: The most sensational ‘media crime’ investigation of history has started. In Reevolution the flashbacks and the interrogatories weave, challenging the audience to rebuild the story of four suspects accused of having freed humanity.

Watch here for the NYC Premiere. Coming soon.

Jordan Bayne Joins Stacey Maltin’s Indie ‘Triple Threat’ as Editor

Jordan Bayne to edit Stacey Maltin’s Indie Musical Romantic Dramedy ‘Triple Threat’.

Maltin stars as a passionate and ambitious actress who creates a musical with her best friend Maggie [Margarita Zhitnikova] and on and off lover, Gus [DeYonker]. The relationship between these three best friends is put to the test when, on the verge of their Broadway debut, diverging dreams meet adulthood. The film co-stars the luminous Catherine Curtin.

The film was directed by Maltin from a screenplay she co-wrote with Jay DeYonker. The producers are Maltin, Zhitnikova, Jackie Schwartz, Carrie Radigan and Martha Frances Williams.

“Triple Threat” is expected to go on the festival circuit Fall 2020.


New York

Very excited to announce that a vision I’ve had for a decade is finally a reality. My company Shooting Angels launches our Screening Series during the Hamptons International Film Festival. We are proud to present in collaboration with Crumb Productions and Maven Pictures, two extraordinary and vastly different award winning short films — SKIN, the powerful morality tale and Oscar winning short film from Guy Nattiv and Giulio Mastromauro’s tender, poignant Nastri d’Argento honored dark comedy NUVOLA.

Our screenings will curate the best of short films globally and will be shown in multiple cities.



In honor of filmmaker Alma Har’el and her incredible work on behalf of women and underrepresented creators, Shooting Angels dropped this limited edition Tee, all proceeds going to the Shooting Angels Female Filmmaker Grant.

Find out more about it here.

“The Shooting Angels Grant is being created because we recognize a very real need for financial support
for women filmmakers with a special focus on women over 40.”

Jordan Bayne


New York

NEVER in a million years would I have thought I would be working on a college football project with NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, 4x Super Bowl Champ, 2x Super Bowl MVP, among a myriad of other awards and accolades, Terry Bradshaw, but I am. My writing partner Jon Rosenbloom and I have been hired to help him develop a college football story. Jumping into this world is as foreign as China to me, but it is a blast! I haven’t even scratched the surface of the meaning of this sport in America, but I can assure you that this is a very timely story. Life takes you to funny places. This one promises to be a helluva ride.