November 8, 2019 jbadmin



A lot of pride and joy after an incredible premiere and successful two week run in Madrid, This film took a small army to make — Massive thanks to our fearless director, David Sousa Moreau, and my incredible acting partners, Fele Martinez, Gorka Otxoa, Leo Rivera, Hovik Keuchkerian, Juan Pablo Shuk and Cecilia Freire, who poured so much love into this film, as well as our distributor Festival Films and the entire ReEvolution team who made this ambitious film possible. Very excited to get our little Spanish indie out into the entire world and to share the extraordinary hard work that our cast and crew put into it.

Synopsis: The most sensational ‘media crime’ investigation of history has started. In Reevolution the flashbacks and the interrogatories weave, challenging the audience to rebuild the story of four suspects accused of having freed humanity.

Watch here for the NYC Premiere. Coming soon.