October 24, 2019 jbadmin

Jordan Bayne Joins Stacey Maltin’s Indie ‘Triple Threat’ as Editor

Jordan Bayne to edit Stacey Maltin’s Indie Musical Romantic Dramedy ‘Triple Threat’.

Maltin stars as a passionate and ambitious actress who creates a musical with her best friend Maggie [Margarita Zhitnikova] and on and off lover, Gus [DeYonker]. The relationship between these three best friends is put to the test when, on the verge of their Broadway debut, diverging dreams meet adulthood. The film co-stars the luminous Catherine Curtin.

The film was directed by Maltin from a screenplay she co-wrote with Jay DeYonker. The producers are Maltin, Zhitnikova, Jackie Schwartz, Carrie Radigan and Martha Frances Williams.

“Triple Threat” is expected to go on the festival circuit Fall 2020.