I Love the Sea

Branded Film

About this Project

Fundraising Ad Campaign for the film THE SEA IS ALL I KNOW written and directed by Jordan Bayne.
This Ad features the work of supermodel Jenny Meister and stylist Katharina Trappe.
Conceived and Directed by Jordan Bayne


I had this idea that to fund a film about our relationship to death I was going to have to utilize an age old advertising trick, exploit our relationship to sex. I called up one of my dearest friends, super model Jenny Meister to see if she was down for it. A couple of days later we sat down at Cafe Gitane in NYC along with the incredible stylist Katharina Trappe. We brainstormed. I wanted it to have something to do with the sea, to be sexy, playful and fun. A few days later we shot it .Above is the final product. Below is the journal page from our brainstorm.


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